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Our water resources are under attack

Clean drinking water is essential to the existence of life. Currently, more than 1 billion people, ONE out of every SIX people on the planet, don’t have access to clean drinking water.  Even though our earth is enveloped by water, appearing plentiful, of all our natural resources, water has become the most precious and the most needed.

Over the years, global environmental groups around the world have consistently reported on the dangerous quality of the planet’s limited water supplies – supplies that are continually being degraded.  The effects of global warming and the increase in global population with the attendant increase in water usage have only made the problem more severe. 

Our landfills and oceans are at risk

In the early 1970 the first polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles were introduced, becoming the first plastic bottle to replace glass.  While certainly a great invention of its time, little thought was given to the problem of disposing of the empty plastic bottle – it takes hundreds of years before a plastic bottle begins to decompose.

Every day more than 100 million plastic bottles are used worldwide.  Every year more than 10 million tons of plastic end up in our oceans – that’s one truckload of plastic every minute of every day.  And even though millions of dollars are being invested in recycling programs and in cleaning up our oceans, neither recycling nor ocean clean-up can get us ahead of the plastic pollution crisis.

What can we do?

We all have a role to play in reducing the impact our water consumption has on this water-scarce planet.  It is imperative that, as a society, we invest in technologies that will provide for the future of pure drinking water for all citizens of the world.

As one of those technologies, Atmospheric Water Generators harvest water from the air where it is abundant and will never be in short supply.  AWGs produce clean, pure, and affordable water in a way that is kind to the environment – making water where there is none.

Water shortages are alarming and the acceptance of AWG technology can provide a significant clean water option.   AWGs can offer safe, pure water and help provide for water security, ensuring everyone access to clean drinking water regardless of failing municipal infrastructures or climate change.

Application to the Hospitality Industry

As just one example of a commercial application, AWG technology can replace the need for plastic bottled water in the hospitality environment – in many cases as a cheaper alternative, independent of any environmental issues. And, in that industry, this use of AWG technology can create a brand prestige associated with forward-thinking sustainability and technology. The Industry recognizes that there is a segment of hospitality consumers where their values and intentions to do their part to save the environment will influence their choice to stay at a green hotel as well as their willingness to pay more to do so.

Drinkable Air’s AWG machines can help reduce water shortages, pollution, and dependence on fossil fuels, while alleviating the stress on our landfills and oceans.  We strive to provide water where there is none and to make AWGs available for commercial applications and as common an appliance in most homes as is the microwave oven now.